Easy CMS Installs

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Easy CMS Installs

Are you an amateur web designer? Are you looking a quick and easy way to create a website? Content Management Systems (CMS) is the solution to your problems. In fact hundreds of sites are being created each day with the use of this program. PixelPost, B2 Evolution, Mambo, E107, Joomla and WordPress are just examples of this.

CMS Explained for Dummies

CMS is actually a computer program that can perform lots of functions like publishing and editing content. With the use of this code writing in different languages has been simplified. Since its inception in the 1990’s, developments of websites have become dynamic and flexible. This is why it is popularly used in blogging software.

Features We Love

  • It does revision and version control.
  • Performs search and retrieval of data.
  • Allows indexing.
  • Able to do maintenance.
  • Uses a central back-end interface.
  • An efficient archive for documents, pictures, movies and other important data.
  • Used to store, control, revise, semantically enrich and publish a document.

More Functions We Dig

Its content management allows a fluid workflow to occur in a highly collaborative environment. This can be done either manually or using an automated cascade.

Easy CMS installation in a powerful web host like iPage can be done manually. It can also auto-install CMS using Install Central. However, what makes this site stands out from the rest is its uploading speed. Installation can be done in as fast as five minutes. This is because of its well-maintained and efficient management system. In fact, they even have an active support system that can help you with your concerns.

Benefits that Fits You

  • You are the boss. You can control and manipulate all aspects of your web content. After all, you are the one who knows what information you want to put up in your site.
  • Constant updates. People are always interested in what is hip and new. This is why constant updates are important. It increases your visibility.
  • Fuller and better. You can easily add more pages and content to your site. This leaves your viewer contented and well-informed once they leave it. Having more pages means being crawled by spiders more. You have more catalogues in search engines which could result to a higher page rank.
  • Opening up communication lines. Through CMS, new ways of communicating with your readers and audience can be done. Examples of this are emails and online chat support.
  • Anti-virus. System security against web attacks, hackers and viruses can be fend off because of its efficient control mechanisms. Limited and restricted access that can be modified when needed is available.
  • Cooperation and collaboration. It is also possible to give multiple access to your site to authorized individuals such as your staff. This allows multiple tasks to be done on your site thus increasing efficiency in the process.
  • Real time edit. Sometimes, there are mistakes that you want to edit as soon as possible. However, some programs can take hours to enforce certain changes. CMS on the other hand allows you to edit and publish the changes in real time without the need to rewrite some codes.
  • Quality customer care. Because CMS allows quick access and reliability, quality customer care is achieved. Emails are handled as soon as it arises. Chatting with a company representative can also be done.
  • Savings. Since you are able to edit and update the site yourself, you can save a lot of money in the process. There is no need to hire additional assistants from experts because you can do the necessary updates and changes yourself.

Now that you have reached this part, you know that iPage’s CMS program is the solution to your online problems. Establish an online presence with us and increase your income by easily deploying viral information in the world wide web with iPage.



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