Hosting Plan Features Overview

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Hosting Plan Features Overview

When you talk about iPage, the first thing that comes to mind is how affordable its web hosting service is. But beyond this convenient characteristic, you will see that iPage is not just about cheap hosting but more of quality hosting. Tons of features unique to iPage will prove that this web hosting provider excels in all aspects of web hosting.

Overview of iPage’s Features

iPage’s Essential Hosting package is ideal for any website owner who wish to enjoy all the features and services needed by a conventional website. Let me give you an overview of what you will get with this cool hosting plan.

  • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth. Not all web hosting providers will allow you to enjoy unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Some place caps or limits to how many Gigabytes of disk space you can use on their server, or the amount of traffic that can be accommodated by your website, in exchange for fees that are much higher than iPage’s usual pricing. This can be quite annoying and your website’s chance to grow and expand will also be curtailed. With iPage, you will no longer worry about reaching storage or bandwidth limits since there is none. This gives you more freedom in the management of your website.
  • Unlimited E-mail accounts and MySQL databases. iPage does not only provide unlimited bandwidth and disk space. It also lets you create an unlimited number of email accounts and MySQL databases. Email accounts or POP accounts are associated with your domain name and you can use them to sort out email messages related to your website. For instance, you can use [email protected] for technical problems/issues and [email protected] for the billing department. MySQL databases on the other hand are used to store records of relevant information such as usernames and passwords. Unlimited databases means unlimited records and unlimited number of users on your website.
  • Free Marketing and Advertising Credits. iPage will also give you free marketing and advertising credits upon signing up with them. The total amount of free credits is $175. $100 go to free marketing credits from Google, $25 go to Yahoo and Bing advertising credits, while $50 worth of advertising credits are from Facebook.
  • The Weebly Drag & Drop Site Builder. You can also use a free website builder with your iPage hosting account to create gorgeous websites in just a few minutes. iPage teamed up with Weebly to let its users the Weebly Drag & Drop Site Builder. This site builderwill not require you to study HTML and scripting languages before you can use it. All you need is your imagination. You can add and remove elements with just a few clicks, or by dragging and dropping them to where you want them to be. It’s so easy, even a ten year old kid can use it.
  • vDeck Control Panel. The type of control panel used by a web hosting provider is also an important criterion for most webmasters since they will be using it for the entire duration of their web hosting experience.Easy-to-use control panels are the ones they look for. Fortunately, iPage uses the vDeck control panel, one of the best admin control panels in the market. Its interface is easy on the eye and can be learned easily without much effort. It also allows users to customize its menus for effortless navigation.
  • Money-back Guarantee. This is a feature that most web hosting providers should have. Unfortunately, some of them do not let their users enjoy this important service. iPage is different. It allows its users to get a full refund if they take advantage of its 30-day money-back guarantee. In case it already exceeded 30 days, users can still get a refund for the remaining term of the hosting package.iPage does not bind its users in shackles to keep them from leaving.



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