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We’ve been tracking iPage’s uptime since 2008. Their service has proved to be pretty reliable. It’s not perfect, but no host is, even the expensive VPS and dedicated servers.

Uptime Report for iPage.com: Last 30 days

Uptime is significant in hosting a website for the reason that it is the duration of time your site is up and running on the internet.

It is a numbered rate that you, as a customer would like it to be as stable as possible for enhanced site performance. A good host provider should be able to have a good track record of uptime as it will affect your site’s overall availability on the internet.

What are the things that affect a network’s uptime record?

There are a number of factors that affect uptime and these can be categorized into four areas, namely: hardware, software, configuration and strategy.

Hardware has an impact on speed, memory and reliability.

Higher quality hardware would mean superior storage space and performance to process information within its database servers to running central applications. Software affects the speed of uptime: the more updated the version, the more improved uptime service.

Configuration encompasses the number of clients and languages a host can support. Basically, the traffic towards a site can overload a server and cause downtime if the host has a lot of restrictions. Finally, strategy is the scope of your host’s contingency plan in preparation towards the worst case scenario.

A host should be able to frequently update versions of languages such as PHP and should be able to consistently deliver new networking technologies and processes designed for the enhancement of uptime.

How is iPage’s Uptime for the year 2013?

For the record, iPage since established from 2005 has had a 99.98% average uptime as measured by our own internal site checker script, and Pingdom.com’s robust uptime monitoring software.

This is considered excellent as compared to other hosting companies and in fact they guarantee this on all hosting plans, even claiming them priced for less. iPage has also gone the extra mile by creating a monitoring system to ensure that their uptime reputation remains solid.

There have been many positive reviews from consumers and you can check these out for yourself—as the monitored ratings are published all over the internet. Since 2005, there have only been 13 service interruptions to be considered downtime. These are regarded as one-time occurrences that have not lasted less than 30 minutes to only as much as an hour.

It still is however, one of the best rates found on the web hosting market. Since March 2011 (99.95%), they have not experienced any interruptions as of yet just proving how dedicated they are in maintaining their 100% uptime.

What does iPage have in store for customers aside from its reliable uptime record?

  • 24/7 customer support on any technical or sales issues you might face
  • Inclusion of handy website building and management tools (Weebly Website Builder, support of PHP and WordPress)
  • Unlimited bandwidth, a free domain for the first year (renews at $14.95/year) and unlimited hosting
  • Marketing coupons credited from Google, Yahoo and Facebook for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) (some coupons available only to U.S. customers

These are just some of the reasons why iPage is the preferred choice for budget website hosting. You can rely and rest assured that their uptime ratios will support your site’s functionality and performance for the long-term.

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