iPage – Any Downtime?

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iPage – Any Downtime?

Quality web hosting serviceis measured by the reliability of their web servers. On the other hand, the performance of web servers is measured by their uptime. That is why uptime guarantees are included in the features list of each web hosting provider and webmasters always check this important factor before signing up with any web host. Let’s see how iPage performs on this category.

Uptime versus Downtime

Let’s try to discuss them in simple terms. Uptime basically refers to how oftena website or web server is “up” or accessible on the internet. Its opposite is downtime or the period when a website or web server is “down” or not accessible. You will know if a website is down when you see an error message like ‘Error 404, Page not Found’. Uptime can be measured in terms of percentage which will represent the ratio between uptime and downtime. A 97% uptime means a website is up 97% of the time and was down for 3%. A reliable server must ideally have 100% uptime, meaning always online and working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Not many understand the importance of uptime. They do not realize that a 1% drop in uptime can actually cause damage to a business. This 1% drop means 1 hour, 48 minutes and 48 seconds of downtime in one week. And that is equivalent to 87.6 hours lost in one year – more than three days of downtime! A server that is down for one whole day can cause damage ranging from trivial to devastating losses depending on its timing. Imagine having your site down on holidays or at a day you expect customers to rush to your website like during an anniversary. If you still wonder how much lossesa 1% downtime can trigger, take this example. If a website gets $1000 earnings per month from site traffic, a 1% downtime can cause it to lose $10 per month or $120 in one year. Now if its uptime gets another 1% drop, the losses are doubled to $20 per month or $240 per year! Look at the difference a 1% downtime can make on your site’s profits. This statistics does not even consider yet the likelihood of losing customers due to crappy site service.

Guaranteed Uptime

Some webhosts show guaranteed uptime as one of their features, usually at 99.99%. But the truth is, this statement is nothing more but a promise that seldom gets fulfilled. It is only a “guarantee” and even if this guarantee does not happen, it will make no difference. It is just a marketing scheme devised by some web hosts to attract more customers. Other web hosting providers just copy them and place them on their own features so they don’t get left out in the hosting competition. What must be considered is the actual uptime, not only the guaranteed uptime.

iPage’s Uptime Record

iPage uptime record can be determined using websites that conduct uptime monitoring statistics for free. Based on their findings, iPage has recorded an excellent uptime because of its 99.96% average uptime. This record is already impressive considering that not all web hosts can reach 99% let alone surpass this rate. iPage’s only weak record happened years ago in June 2010 when it got 97.94% uptime record for that month. This is still an acceptable record for a web host. In August 2011, a single power outage was experienced by iPage’s server which merely lasted for fourteen minutes. Thereafter, everything was just going up and iPage’s service became an epitome of reliable web hosting.



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