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iPage Blog Hosting

Blogging online is the best way to share your original ideas to others who share the same interests and experiences as you do. Anyone can start their own blog. All you need is an internet connection and some stories worth sharing. That is why the demand for quality blog hosting servicecontinues to escalate with commercial web hosting providers now joining the contest.

The Art of Blogging

Internet blogging started in 1990s where it was used as a practical medium for sharing ideas without the complexity of knowing HTML or FTP just top publish one’s original ideas. Now, more and more people are joining the blogging trend with the advent of modern web publishing and blog hosting sites. The word “blog” is basically the combination of the words web and log because blogs share the common feature of showing entries (called “posts”) arranged chronologically with the latest ones appearing first. You can find lots of use for a personal blog. It can serve as your personal diary (although it’s not essentially private) where you can write your personal experiences and thoughts. Some use it for educational purposes like sharing relevant information and discussing pressing issues. There are also those who do blogging for profit. You can either use it for promoting a business or product and get commissions for each sale; or use revenue-generating tools like Google Adsense where profit is determined by your site’s traffic. Regardless of its purpose, blogscontinue to be serve as a sought after feature on the World Wide Web.

Blog Hosting Sites

There are many sites that offer free blog hosting like Blogger and WordPress. They are the best and most convenient way for those who want to try and start blogging. All you need to do is sign up with them and you can already start publishing blogs. Modern blog hosting sites now allow users leeway in designing and customizing their blogs. You can choose to either use fresh pre-designed templates or create your own with some HTML and scripting tweaks. Free blog hosting is both practical and simple.

On the other hand, you may also choose to have your own commercial blog with web hosting providers. A website commercially hosted by a web hosting provider can be converted into a blog by simply installing a blogging platform on your website. This feature is supported by most web hosts today. Hence, those who started with free blog hosting sites may choose to continue their work on their own websites. Having your blog on your own website removes all the restrictions and limits placed by free blog hosting providers. With this, you can fully customize your site down to every detail and need not worry about limits on blog monetization or violations of the site’s terms and conditions.

Blog Hosting using iPage

iPage also supports blog hosting on the websites they host. You may install on your iPage-hosted site a blogging platform of your choice.iPage offers these three awesome blogging platforms: WordPress, b2evolution and PixelPost.

  • WordPress – one of the most popular blogging platforms today, WordPressbloggers continue to increase by thousands each day. WordPress is an open source blogging platform which through the years grew into a content management system. It differs from other blogging software because of its modern and professional approach to blog designs and templates. It also allows users to easily customize their blogs using its user-friendly WYSIWIG editor. Change templates in just one click and add elements using simple drag & drop actions.
  • b2evolution – b2evolution is also a content management system with a traditional blogging platform’s capabilities. It has added functionalities like file management and photo management systems. It also features a wide range of original blog skins and templates and supports standalone pages, group and user permissions, as well as customizable menus.
  • PixelPost – this application adds photoblogging functionalities on your posts allowing you to tell your story using images displayed in a chronological fashion much like your personal photo album. It also lets you choose your own template and add other web contents on your site.

You can install all these blogging platforms with just a few clicks using iPage’s SimpleScripts which can be directly accessed from your control panel.



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