How’s iPage Customer Support?

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A good host provider should not only stop at web hosting itself, but should also show dedication towards customer support that will be continuous even after the purchase of a plan. iPage exactly does that, in fact you can reach one of their agents in less than 2 minutes waiting time. Their team has been proven very helpful in terms of knowledge and experience based on a majority of user reviews. The agents are equipped to provide you with answers to your questions and immediate assistance on problems.

How is iPage’s Customer Support for the year 2011?

A question come into mind then: what can you expect from iPage’s customer support? Expect that you will not be waiting for long, or be put on hold for more than 2 minutes on average when you call. You are also not limited to contacting them toll-free, as there are many means to contact them when you have an account, you can chat with one of their agents online, or if you prefer via email or by an online ticketing system. Expect that they will have a full understanding of your situation, whether it is basic trouble-shooting with running your website’s script or help with managing your domains. Also expect someone to answer you in a friendly tone and show genuine concern towards your complaint or technical issue.

Of course, you are the first person to have a full grasp of your problem, hence you can also rely on their hard-worked “Knowledgebase”, a database found on their site which comprises a collection of tutorials, FAQs and detailed step by step instructions or guidelines which you could explore whenever you wish.

Why is iPage Customer Support best for online businesses?

  • Availability of the support team 24/7, so you won’t have to worry about contacting them out of business hours. This comes handy when you are on a roll in updating your site in the middle of the night!
  • Online chat support so that you do not have to step away from the computer to contact them.
  • Unlimited access to their Knowledgebase where in frequent problems are addressed and step by step tutorials are provided.
  • Trained customer service agents that have ample knowledge on website hosting and management
  • Continuous after sales support and in the know of current promotions and upgrades from iPage.

To top it all off, they also offer an anytime money-back-guarantee– if just in case you are not fully satisfied with their service. There’s little risk in having a go with iPage and experiencing their support first hand, be confident that their support team is highly skilled and exceptional.



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