iPage Directory Listing

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iPage Directory Listing

Once you publish your first website, the next important thing you have to do is to promote it in order to get site traffic. This can be a bit hard and may entail additional expenses on your part. But if your website is not known, it will not serve its purpose. Profits will not come and your site might turn into a waste of time and money. This is why you need marketing and advertising techniques to promote your website.

iPage Hosting

iPage is a very popular web hosting provider offering one of the lowest hosting price in the online market. Aside from its affordable service, you can still save more by taking advantage of their cool promos like coupon codes and discount links. Some of the services you’ll get on their Essential Hosting plan include: unlimited bandwidth and storage space, one year free domain, unlimited POP/email accounts and MySQL databases, a free site builder, vDeck control panel, and a number of add-ons you can choose to include in your hosting package. You can enjoy all these services for just a few bucks per month.

iPage Directory Listing

Directory Listing is a feature that iPage offers exclusively to its hosting account users. By joining the directory listing, your site will get a better chance at getting noticed. Websites which registered with this service will be featured in the community directory of iPage. The community directory can be found in iPage’s official site, a website with very high SEO ranking and thousands of visitors each day. iPage lets you get the exposure your site needs by including it in its list of hosted websites. Your website’s domain will appear on the list with a short description or summary of your site’s content. It also contains a link which when clicked will immediately redirect the user to your website. You instantly get one visitor with no effort at all. Since your site will be relying on iPage’s SEO ranking, it is advised that you use keywords on your site’s name or description which are SEO-friendly.

Not many know that a lot of web users actually use iPage’s community directory for browsing websites. They can easily find websites using iPage’s own search engine or browse them from the categories found on the community directory, to wit: Computers & Internet, Arts, Gifts & Shopping, Blogs & Personal Sites, Miscellaneous, Services, Government, Recreation & Sports, Education, Society, Entertainment & Media, Business, Health, and Science. Hence, you should make sure that your website is placed in the right category so users can easily spot it. Webmasters usually go to the community directory to test the performance of iPage-hosted sites. They check their response time and how they perform under certain conditions. It can also be used to check site designs and how iPage functions are used and installed.

Join the iPage Community Directory

Because iPage’s community directory offers valuable benefits, it is not free. iPage users are not automatically listed in the community directory. You need to purchase it from iPage. The price of directory listing is $29.95 per year. Some think it’s expensive, but considering the volume of traffic and the corresponding profits it can deliver, the community directory is definitely a worthy investment. This is true considering the cost of hiring professional SEO writers or buying marketing and advertising credits from Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Signing up with the community directory is actually a more practical alternative.

To join iPage’s community directory, all you need to do is go to their official website or use this direct link: https://www.ipage.com/directory/. To buy the service, simply scroll down that page and look for the “Your Site Could Be Here!” link. Just open it and follow the instructions in the next page. Pay the registration fee through PayPal or Credit Card. After this, you will immediately find your website in the community directory under the “Recent Listings” panel. There, users can find your site much faster than any other iPage-hosted site for a few months.



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