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Usually, when someone registers a domain name, personal details are submitted and made available in a public database. This exposes sensitive contact information to spammers, hackers, telemarketers, and others.

With iPage’sdomain privacy ($8.99/year), you can get a domain name without exposing your contact information to the public.

iPage will present itself as an owner proxy to your registered domain, showing their contact info and hiding all of yours for safety and security, privacy and peace of mind.

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How does iPageDomain privacy work?

The information you have submitted when you registered for a domain, such as billing address, contact information of your technical resources, contact information of your administrators, will be masked by iPage’s generic contact information in the WHOIS database.

You will still be the owner of the domain and will still have full control. Requests for your contact information from the WHOIS database are forwarded to you. You can then filter which ones are important and can then send them the actual contact information for your registered domain.

For example, the WHOIS database contains contact information for the domain’s Registrant, Administrative Contact, and Technical Contact. Without the iPageDomain privacy feature, querying the Registrant information from the WHOIS database will yield the domain registrant’s real name and address, and querying the Administrative and Technical contacts will yield their real names, addresses, email addresses, and contact numbers. With iPageDomain privacy, all these very sensitive information will be masked; queries for these information will only yield contact information pointing to iPage.

What do I get with iPageDomain privacy?

With iPageDomain privacy, you can block unwanted spam. Dubious 3rd parties will not be able to access your contact information and will not be able to send spam to you.

iPageDomain privacy prevents identity theft. People outside your organization will not have access to your billing information they could possibly use for fraudulent activities.

Should I buy iPageDomain privacy for $8.99/year?

If you are planning on purchasing a domain for a private page or a small business, given the priceless benefits of iPageDomain privacy and with the very affordable $8.99 a year pricetag, it’s practically a no-brainer.

If you are temporarily purchasing a domain for a one-time event, then you can probably consider not availing of this feature. If you are purchasing a domain for a big business or company, you might have dedicated Administrator and Technical resources allocated and you’d actually prefer to have their contact information accessible for tasks related to their jobs; also your company might already have anti-spam and malware protection already in place so availing of the iPageDomain privacy will only serve as an extra layer of protection.

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