iPage Domain Registration

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iPage Domain Registration

Those who want to have their own website must certainly have their own domains first. It’s like choosing a name of your business. And like in real business, you cannot use the same domain name as that of an existing website. This is why it is important to have your domain registered first even before you have your website published. Otherwise, when your website has already become popular, someone might steal your followers by registering your site’s name as their domain. Here, let’s see how you can register your own domain with iPage.

Domain Names Explained

When you want to visit a website directly from your web browser, the first thing you do is type it’s web address in the address bar and hit enter/return. What you just typed is called a domain name and it is used to distinguish your site from other websites. Now, you might be wondering how you can get one. It is actually easy. All you need to do is find a domain registrar, choose a domain and have it registered with them. There are many domain registrars online. And to have a domain, you need to purchase it from them. Domain prices differ depending on the domain extension or TLD (top-level domain) you want to use. You can choose from .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info and more, with .com being the most expensive.

iPage Domain Registration

iPage offers more than just regular web hosting services. It also provides domain hosting services to its account owners. What’s more, you can have your first domain name for free! No additional fees required. This applies to all hosting packages and can be used with any domain extension you wish. This is a huge plus to iPage’s affordable hosting image considering the cost of a domain name. Registration of a domain name with a .com extension will usually cost you $13 and a .net extension $10. And that does not apply to unique and popular domain names which can cost up to thousands of bucks. And even if you have that much money, it does not guarantee that you will get that domain because it must still undergo auctions where hundreds of bidders will participate. Now imagine how much money you can save when you get your free domain from iPage. You need not even place a single bid to get your domain.

Users must note however that iPage’s free domain registration will only be for the first year of your registration. It means that after one year, you need to renew your domain name or register another domain name on iPage.

Domain Renewal/Regular Domain Costs

As said earlier, you need to renew your free domain after one year. And this entails payment of domain fees.iPage’s domain fees does not differ much from regular domain costs. If you want a domain with a .com extension, you need to buy it at $14.99 per year; while a domain with .net extension costs $9.99 per year, both having a one year minimum term. If you want to see the full list of domain names and their pricing on iPage, just visit iPage’s official site or use this link: https://www.ipage.com/product/domainRegistration.bml. These prices also apply if you want to purchase additional domain names along with your first free domain.

Domain Central

You can manage all your domain names from iPage’s Domain Central. You can access this directly from your vDeck control panel. Here you can add new domain names, transfer existing domains from other registrars, add domain privacy settings, and renew your domain registrations with iPage. To renew a domain, you only need to click the “Renew” link at the side of the domain and pay the necessary fees.



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