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iPage Instant Rebate

iPage is a webhosting site that has existed for over a decade now. It offers budget friendly web hosting plans for small and medium sized business. This is perfect for entrepreneurs and bloggers! In fact it now manages over a million websites worldwide!

Reliability in its service is its hallmark of excellence. Downtime is not a problem that you would encounter since it guarantees a 99% up-time on all of its Dell servers. These are monitored by an expert staff 24/7; ensuring that any problems that will arise in the system is fixed even before their clients notice it.

Once you open an account with iPage you will be given a username and password to login to your account. Afterwards, you can tinker, build, create, manage and maintain your own website any way you want at the convenience of your own home. The interface and control panel is easy to manipulate and there are even video tutorials on how to go about each step of the way. So, even if you are an amateur, you can create your site without the help of a professional.

Outstanding Features

  • Drag and Drop Site Builder. You can simply drag the items you want such as pictures into your site and drop it. You can also move around these items to create the look that you want.
  • Easy templates. There are many ready-made templates available that will suite the personality and vibe you want to project. You can also create one of your own to make it more personalized and unique.
  • Content Management System. This plugin can be used to update information on Joomla, WordPress and Drupal among others.
  • 1 click installer. Once installed, this can be used to run your WordPress in not more than two minutes. Talk about fast and easy access.
  • E-commerce and e-stores. You can open an online store and accept credit card payments with iPage. Management of your store as wel as handling of payments and shipment is easy. You can sell up to 15 items free of charge with your plan. Security is not a problem since security control measures are strictly enforced.
  • 24/7 Customer Care. Customer support is essential to a business success. That is why iPage aims to provide you help whenever you need it. There is a knowledgebase available to help you with your Frequently Asked Questions. If that does not help, there is a chat support who can handle your problem at no extra cost at all.

iPage therefore aims to provide the best webhosting service there is in the web. With its linux environment and partnership with the most efficient search engines, their clients are provided with the best tools and features there is in the market. Even a novice web designer or blogger can have his site up in less than an hour without any hassle because of their hassle-free and friendly design and customer support.

Rebates: Why open up an account now?

  • Big Savings. If you open up an account with them now, you can get rebates! Rebates are percentage refunds. This means that when you buy an account with iPage, you can actually get your money back ta-free. If you are opening a site on a tight budget, now is the best time to try iPage because of its great savings plan.
  • Limited time Offer. This rebate is only offered for a limited period of time. Who knows when this will happen again? While it is still available, grab the opportunity now!

Try this webhosting site now. It has unlimited data space and transfer for your files such as pictures, videos and write ups. Creating a website, blog or an online store has never been easier with iPage!



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