iPage Is Green (eco)

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iPage Is Green (eco)

A new trend has emerged in the web hostin industry called Green Hosting or eco hosting. This is a form of web hosting that is conducted in such a way that the harmful effects of emissions from web servers are reduced. This is done by using so-called Green Technologies, which vary in how they are implemented but have a common goal – to protect our environment.

Web hosting services are not possible without web servers. These servers are the ones which store all the files and information necessary for hosted websites to run on the internet. Servers are actually advanced computers which work much the same way as your desktop computer. But because of the huge amount of information they have to process, huge servers are also required. And each day, the demands for more servers increase exponentially. Because of these, server maintenance also requires enormous resources like cooling systems and server containers. That is why web servers act as one of the leading contributors to greenhouse gases because of their industrial magnitude. Today, web hosts are taking measures to reduce the harmful effects of their industries.

Green Technologies

These are the solutions found by web hosts. “Green technologies” is actually a term that refers to a set of eco-friendly approaches to web hosting. Some of these green technologies include: carbon offsetting, planting acres of grasses and trees, renewable energy usage, energy conservation and the use of energy-saving machines.

Green Marketing

As the harmful effects of greenhouse gases become more apparent, environmental awareness became a growing concern. Because of this, people are also trying to help in their own ways. Consumers are now encouraged to purchase eco-friendly products and services to help in alleviating our environmental problem. With this, industries and enterprises are also compelled to use green technologies as part of their marketing schemes. Green marketing became more important in the web hosting industry and users prefer web hosts that have Green Hosting certificates.

iPage is Green

iPage is a leader in web hosting because of its affordable services. They offer web hosting services at inconceivably low rates, perfect for new users. Aside from this, iPage’s service is also unmatched. At a very low rate, you can get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space, unlimited email accounts, a free domain name for the first year, unlimited MySQL databases, vDeck control panel, free advertising credits, SimpleScripts installer, and a lot of add-ons. On top of these, iPage uses green technologies in its hosting services.

You can check iPage’s official site to confirm that it is a Green Certificate holder, or simply use this direct link: https://www.ipage.com/green/green-certified.bml?domain=your-domain.com. There you will see that iPage, in partnership with EPA Green Power, hosts millions of websites on servers that are entirely powered with wind energy, a safe and green source of renewable energy. This prevents tons of greenhouse gas emissions from use of conventional energy sources. iPage does this by purchasing renewable energy certificates which thereby offset by as much as 200% the energy used by iPage’s web servers. Its effect is like planting two hundred forty four acres of trees.

iPage Green Certificates and Badges

As a website owner, you can actually use iPage’s green hosting to your advantage. Because of green marketing, not only web masters and website owners are drawn to using servers with green technologies. Online users and consumers also look for websites that support the move for green hosting. These sites include those which are hosted by web hosting providers. You can tell your users that your site is running on a server that employs green technologies by displaying the so-called Green Badges on your own website. Green Badges and Green Certificates can be acquired from iPage for free and adding them on your site is as easy as adding an image on your web page. Be surprised at how customers react to your green certificate.



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