iPage On Mac/iPhone/iPad

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iPage On Mac/iPhone/iPad

Technology has greatly evolved through the years. In the past, websites can only be accessed through computers using the ancient method of dial-up connection. You cannot go online without a computer. Today, the internet has gone mobile and smartphones became the easiest way for web users to get online. That is why iPage users now pose the question of whether iPage supports iPhone and iPad.

iPage Hosting Service

iPage is a leader in web hosting because of its affordable services. They offer web hosting services at inconceivably low rates, perfect for new users. Aside from this, iPage’s service is also unmatched. At a very low rate, you can get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space, unlimited email accounts, a free domain name for the first year, unlimited MySQL databases, vDeck control panel, free advertising credits, SimpleScripts installer, and a lot of add-ons.

iPage support for iPhone and iPad

You might think that iPage is somewhat related to iPhone and iPad because they share the same prefix – “i”, but they are not. iPage is not in any way affiliated with Apple and its products. There is also a mobile application named iPage which can be bought on the Apple store. However, this product is also not related to iPage and is not even concerned with any aspect of web hosting. Now that these issues are out of the way, let’s answer the question of whether iPhone and iPad supports iPage.

This question can actually mean two different things. First, this question might ask whether the websites hosted with iPage can be viewed or browsed on iPhones and iPads. Second, this question might ask whether iPhone and iPad can be used by hosting account owners to access iPage’s control panel and manage their site. We deem it proper to answer both.

  • You can browse iPage-hosted sites on iPhone/iPad – There is no problem in terms of compatibility since sites hosted on iPage do not depend on the platform or operating system of the device. It is browser-based so it does not matter whether it is processed by iPhone OS or Android. Also, websites created with iPage can be converted into mobile versions so they can look better on smartphones and tablets.
  • You cannot manage your iPage hosting account with iPhone/iPad – If you are thinking of using your iPhone or iPad to manage your web hosting account on iPage, you better stop because it is not yet possible. You cannot log in to your iPage hosting account via iPhone or iPad and access the control panel or use any of its services like DomainCentral and Weebly Site Builder. This is because iPage’s control panel and other essential services require some resources which cannot be provided by a mobile phone or tablet. These functions are especially designed for use in computers. Take for example iPage’s site builder. In designing a website, it is important for the user to be able to see the website in its full scale and the proper screen resolution for modern web browsers. You cannot do this with mobile phones and tablets which have limited screen resolutions. Also, mobile browsers cannot display or use some of the site builder’s tools. As of writing, iPage does not yet have its own mobile version to allow users to manage their site on the go.

Mac OS and iPage

iPage has no problem running on Mac OS or any other operating system. You can browse iPage-hosted sites, log in to your iPage hosting account, and use all its services and features. This is because iPage itself is not OS-specific so there’s no need to worry about OS compatibility when managing your site.



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