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PHP: Hypertext Pre-processor by definition is a basic scripting language aimed for the development of dynamic websites. It is a tool that provides a web page extra functions that ordinary HTML cannot achieve.

Some of these functions can include performing calculations, collect user information, interact with MySQL databases and create graphics. It is commonly used for e-commerce sites which record user data and have shopping carts as a feature.

How is iPage’s PHP Hosting Service?

iPage is one of the few reliable shared hosting providers that allows you control over PHP. It provides a low-cost service and is the preferred choice for many web developers all over the world, thanks to these reasons:

  • The ability to use both version PHP 4 and PHP 5. You can switch between PHP versions from the control panel in your account. Don’t have an account yet? iPage is currently on sale for just $1.99/month, so you get 80% OFF the regular price of $9.99/month. Perfect timing!
  • iPage performs regular PHP updates, unlike other hosts. This reduces security risks and future compatibility issues.
  • Gain numerous inclusive services such as a website builder tool, free domain name, marketing credits, unlimited hosting and bandwidth space as well as limitless databases.
  • Money back-guarantee in case you are not happy with the web service performance.

The information mentioned above may seem like iPage pros, but what about the slight downs of iPage? To answer this, be aware that  iPage has designed its support system for more experienced users of PHP, so if you are a beginner in handling PHP scripts, always start with the latest version, in this case versions in PHP5 or after.

In order to enhance your website building experience here are some extra guidelines:

  • Review the PHP code compilation options and variables that are compatible in iPage’s supporting servers and systems. This will aid you in avoiding unnecessary complications in the future, predominantly in running your script. Their website is packed with documentation about using PHP and acceptable file extensions. If still in doubt, contact their online chat support team for your issue.
  • Restrictions apply for the memory and run time incurred for scripts. The maximum is 64MB for PHP CMS applications and the number can be changed in the php.ini, as long as it does not exceed this allotted memory. Also, PHP/CGI/PERL scripts are set to a limit of 60 seconds run time and take note of this as your script will be killed if it does not run within this amount of time.

Keep in mind to learn the sufficient basic skills to manage or program the scripts in different languages (PHP, Python, ASP, PERL and CGI) in order to be able to trouble-shoot later. Be aware that iPage cannot support custom code or scripts. If you lack in-depth knowledge, it is recommended to hire a web developer for assistance since iPage can only be responsible for hosting and its pertaining support.

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