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iPage SEO Services

After publishing your first website, the next thing to do is to attract site visitors. This is often called “increasing your site traffic” and there are many ways to achieve this goal. The most popular and effective method is by using search engine optimization or SEO. Here, let’s see what SEO options are available for iPage-hosted sites.

Site Traffics

There are three ways for web users to find and access your site. These are: direct traffic, referral traffic and organic traffic. Knowing them is essential to understanding how SEO works.

  • Direct Traffic – when internet users type your domain on the address bar of their browsers and press enter/return, they are directly accessing your website. This counts as a direct traffic. You can increase your direct traffic by inviting your friends to your site or promoting it directly to web users.
  • Referral Traffic – when a web user clicks on a link (hyperlink) that directs him/her to your website, this is called referral traffic. There are many ways for you to get referral traffic, some for free, some entail costs. You can try getting backlinks from other site owners in exchange for giving them some backlinks on your site as well. You can also sign up with advertising services like Google AdWords and Facebooks. In exchange for a fee, they will display your site in their search results related to your site or in the pages of social networks. This is a pretty good source of traffic but can be quite expensive.
  • Organic Traffic – this is the best and easiest source of traffic. Organic traffic refers to those visits brought to your site by search engines. Appearing in search engine results is the easiest and most effective way to get visitors since you do not need to purchase expensive advertising or promote manually your site. All you need is good web content so search engines will suggest your site more often. Taking advantage of this traffic is the essence of Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

Again, by improving your site’s contents, search engines will more likely suggest your site to web users. The whole process of improving your standing with search engines is called search engine optimization or simply SEO. To explain the importance of SEO, try searching for any keyword on your search engine. On the search results, you will find thousands of search hits, with each page containing ten entries. Each page is also numbered to accommodate all results and this could reach hundreds of pages depending on the keyword used. A site with very low SEO ranking will not find itself in the first few pages of the search result. On the other hand, a site with very high SEO ranking will likely land on the first page. This is the goal of SEO, to put your site on the first page. Apparently, only the first page or first few pages will be checked by a web user after a search. They simply don’t have the patience to go through thousands of sites. And once they find what their looking for on the first page, then the next thing they’ll do is close the search page. This is why SEO ranking is very important.

iPage’s SEO Services

If you registered with iPage and find yourself in need of SEO services, there’s no need to look at other sites. iPage itself offers SEO services. For only $150 per month, you can have your own SEO team which will take care of your site’s contents and create backlinks for your website. Fortunately, iPage is on sale so the price of its SEO services are now reduced to only $99 per month. SEO costs are offset by its effectivity and the profits you can get when your site’s SEO rankings increase after just a few weeks. The search engines supported by iPage’s SEO services are: Alta Vista, All the Web, AOL, Google, About, Hot Bot, Excite,Lycos,Looksmart, Netscape, MSN, and Yahoo [web pages only].



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