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Important Update for August 2015


I regret to inform you that I can’t recommend iPage’s site builder anymore.

I mean… It’s 2015, and it’s like they haven’t updated their version of Weebly site builder in a long time.

However, there’s great news! The reason I’m down on iPage’s site builder is because I found something much better.

eHost is another popular choice for affordable web hosting, and their website builder is a joy to use. It’s up-to-date with fresh, professional designs and templates you will be happy to use.

When you login to your eHost account and click “create new site” you’ll see two options:

  • cPanel hosting – this is normal hosting for anything like a blog, online store, professional business site, etc. They just specify “cPanel” because that’s the control panel you get. cPanel is the most widely used hosting control panel, thanks to its security, ease of use, automation, power features and more. So, can’t go wrong there. Next is…
  • Website Builder – Their website builder drag-and-drop, up-to-date and modern with fresh design styles and done-for-you web templates. They make it super-easy for you to make your own website from scratch if you want to.

Here’s some extra good news: eHost is currently on sale for just $2.99 per month -that’s 50% off the regular price of $5.98/month. Highly recommended.

What is the Best Way to Start Building Your Own Website?

Websites dramatically increase the chances of marketing your content information or business successfully on the internet. Given the right tools and basic knowledge, categorise each priority task, have content ready and brain storm before hand as to what are some of the goals that you aim to achieve in creating the web page. Search for a highly regarded hosting provider that will not only host your site, but support you in its execution, security and consistency in performance. iPage has one of the best hosting solutions, equipped with an easy-to-learn site builder tool that uses drag and drop. With your account logged on, select the Drag and Drop builder icon and take the following steps into consideration when getting started with building your website:

Step 1: Select a Site Design

Start with choosing an appropriate theme or design lay out for your intended site. There are ready-made designs available, each categorised accordingly to its features or purpose. There are also other sites on the internet that provide these either free or premium (paid). Remember that you are not obliged to stick with the basic provisions of iPage—there are many theme sources such as WordPress. One can integrate these downloadable themes easily with iPage. Once you have made your choice, install the theme and begin to add content.

Step 2: Add Website Elements

In the top tab menu of the builder, select Elements and head to Basic on the left menu. This will open up the different texts available for entry on your site. Begin with the Title text and drag it to the position you would like it to be placed on your page. Modify it with the use of an element’s configuration bar and follow on through inserting other elements such as filling your site with Multimedia, Revenue and More. Personalise the site according to your needs.

Step 3: Edit Content

Continue configuring and adding content or elements to your site with the many options found above the site builder, such as paragraphs and pictures. To insert text, simply start typing after clicking inside a text element. Ensure a consistent flow of information all formatted in a similar way to make the site easy to read and browse through. When copying text, paste it first on a text editor such as Notepad to remove any external formatting to avoid any hassle in its editing.

Step 4: Manage Pages

Again, on the top tab menu of the builder, select Pages. This is a command to add pages on top of existing ones for access in your website. You simply click on New Page, enter a name and create the page to have it present in the site’s navigation. Clicking on Advanced Settings can give you the ability to add Meta keywords and also provide a brief description for the purpose of enhancing SEO (Sear Engine Optimization).

Save all changes, publish the page and have your site ready to be launched. This is a user-friendly tool for beginners as it can help you in saving time and effort when creating a medium-scale site. Avoid the additional cost of hiring a web developer and build your own site now!

Start Your Website at iPage – $1.99/mo (SALE ENDS SOON!)



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