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What is iPage SiteLock Security?

With a vast array of clients, from corporate businesses to personal site owners, iPage has put great focus on maintaining a high level of security in their web hosting services.

iPage has partnered up with SiteLock, an Internet security company, and offered SiteLock’s malware and spam-scanning software as free value-add services.

This feature provides means for iPage clients to maintain a clean and sterile hosting environment.

SiteLock also provides “badges” to clients who have constantly maintained a pristine environment in their domains. Having this badge gives confidence to the client’s end-users that their sessions to that domain will be safe and protected.

Why should you get iPage’sSiteLock Security feature?

The Internet has grown in an unbelievable exponential pace this past decade. Companies have been transitioning their businesses to online processes to take advantage of increased accessibility the Internet provides to their end-users.

With this increased business traffic, hostile parties have also started taking advantage of the Internet’s great accessibility to attack online businesses and compromise security.

Domains managed by iPage, however, are less prone to this threat since their web hosting service packages are tightly integrated with SiteLock’s security features.

With iPage and SiteLock, your end-users have greater assurance that they can transact with your online business safely. This translates to greater traffic for your domain, and ultimately, greater revenue for your company.

In other webhosting services, security features are offered as an expensive add-on.This makes iPage’s tight SiteLock integration to all iPage’s webhosting packages a very unique and sensible offering.

What can you get with iPage’s SiteLock Security?

  1. SiteLock’s SECURE badge is a image file that one can show in any or all pages in their domain. This serves as a notice to all end-users accessing your domain that their transactions and sessions will be secure.
  2. SiteLock’s spam checking feature will ensure that all emails sent from your domain are not marked as spam. This is a great feature to ensure that subscribers to your online business will see emails sent from your domain and not be forwarded or blocked by most spam-detecting software common in email services.
  3. SiteLock routinely scans your domain’s database. It makes sure that there are no open holes and vulnerabilities on your domain’s database.
  4. SiteLock routinely scans the entire domain for malware. This ensures that your end-users  will not be vulnerable to malicious code.

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