Money Back Guarantee

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iPage offers an Anytime Money Back Guarantee.

You can activate the guarantee at anytime to cancel your contract easily and receive a refund.

How iPage’s Money Back Guarantee Works

Let’s say you buy 2 years of hosting at $4.25/month for a total of $102 billed in 1 installment at the time of purchase.

Now let’s pretend you only use your account for 8 months.

If you decide to cancel or switch hosting companies for ANY reason, you can get your refund. Just call or email iPage’s dedicated support to activate your anytime moneyback guarantee. You will receive a refund for the amount of time you didn’t use on your 2 year contract. Since you used 8 months, you’ll get $68 (for 1 year and 4 months) refunded to your card.

Note: If you purchased your domain registration directly from iPage, a $14.95 domain registration fee will be applied to the refund amount. This covers the cost of the domain and enables you to transfer your domain to any other web hosting service or registrar.

With iPage, It’s That Simple.

If you have any other questions about iPage, be sure to check out our iPage Review and other guides.

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