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Why do people switch to iPage?

iPage is a leader in web hosting because of its affordable services. They offer web hosting services at inconceivably low rates, perfect for new users. Aside from this, iPage’s service is also unmatched. At a very low rate, you can get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space, unlimited email accounts, a free domain name for the first year, unlimited MySQL databases, vDeck control panel, free advertising credits, SimpleScripts installer, and a lot of add-ons. Because of these awesome services, more and more users decide to sign up or switch to iPage. This now raises the question of how they are going to transfer their websites to iPage hosting.

How to transfer your website to iPage

There are in fact two options for users who want to transfer your websites to iPage. The first option is to simply transfer the domain name of their website to iPage’s domain registrar. The other option is to transfer the entire website including the databases and files used by the site. You may also choose to do both for better results.

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If you have just signed up with iPage then you know that you get your own free domain for your site.

If you don’t have an iPage hosting account yet, you’ll need one. It’s a good thing you’re here, because as I write this, I noticed iPage is on sale for $1.99/month. That’s 80% off the regular price of $9.99/month, so you picked a great time to transfer your site over to iPage.

You can create and add your free domain upon registration. On the other hand, you also have the option to use an existing domain. You may choose to use the domain of your site that is hosted on another web hosting provider. All you need to do is transfer your domain from your old domain registrar to iPage. Here are the simple steps you need to follow to complete the domain transfer:

  • Unlock the domain you want to use – this is the first step for transferring domain names because it is standard operating procedure for domain registrars to lock the domains registered with them. A locked domain cannot be removed, deleted, or transferred, that’s why it’s necessary to unlock them first. This is also intended to protect domain owners whose domain accounts may be compromised. Considering the price of unique domains, losing one can be quite a dilemma. There are different ways to unlock domain names and the procedure will largely depend on the domain registrar concerned. To be sure, check first on their support page or contact them to know how to unlock the domain.
  • Get your transfer authorization code – This process serves as an additional level of protection for domain names. Unlocking a domain is not enough. You also need a transfer authorization code to complete the transfer. This way, even if your domain account has been stolen and someone has gained access to your account, the domain will not easily be transferred to another registrar without the transfer authorization code. This transfer key also prevents the possibility of transferring the wrong domain or transferring to a wrong domain registrar. The matching transfer authorization code will confirm the identity as well as the intent of the user in transferring his domain. There are also different ways for getting a transfer key and the procedure also depends on the domain registrar. To know which method to use, just visit iPage’s knowledgebase and look for the table that enumerates the different domain registrars and the specific procedure for getting transfer keys for each of them.
  • Register with iPage and transfer your domain – Now that the domain has been unlocked and you already have a transfer key, you can now successfully move your domain to iPage’s Domain Central. Just open the Domain Central and click on the “Add Existing Domain” button. Key in the name of your domain and enter the transfer authorization code. Click “Transfer” and wait for the process to complete. You can now see your domain in Domain Central’s list.

Transferring files and databases to iPage

This process is harder and will take a lot of time to complete depending on the size of your website. Unfortunately, web hosts do not support the automatic transfer of websites so you need to do this manually. This is done by using an FTP client to download your files and databases and uploading them once more to iPage’s server. Afterwards, you still need to configure the site’s settings and install the necessary scripts to make your site work.



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