Why No SSH Access?

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Why No SSH Access?

There are many ways to communicate with a remote server. Most people use FTP via software like Filezilla, SmartFTP, Dreamweaver etc, while more advanced system administrators use shells to directly access the remote host.

Most shared web hosting providers do not allow their users SSH access for security reasons.

Don’t worry though! What I share next may help you out…

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About Secure Shells & SSH Access

SSH or Secure Shell is another protocol that allows one host to communicate directly with another computer on an unsecured network to execute commands or codes. It is similar to FTPs or File Transfer Protocols in that it is a mode of communicating with a remote server. However, it differs in functions. FTPs are commonly used for transferring files or managing file storage on a remote computer. On the other hand, secure shells are exclusively used for running codes on a remote computer.

First of all, let’s discuss what a shell means in terms of networking. A shell basically refers to a piece of application or program that allows one to communicate directly with the computer’s kernel. The kernel serves as the core of the operating system where commands or codes can be executed. A shell usually has a command-line interface like Windows’ command prompt, but now there are graphical UIs available as well.

If one wants to access shell on another computer, then he needs a shell account. This is basically a personal account issued by an Internet Service Provider to allow the user to communicate and execute commands on another computer.

Finally, we have the secure shell protocol or commonly known as SSH. This is the protocol that is used for data exchange and communication between two hosts or devices on a network – like the internet. SSH utilizes public key encryption that provides security in this form of sophisticated communication. In a usual web hosting environment, accounts are managed through a shared hosting setup where multiple websites are hosted on the same server. This is why if access is granted on the remote server, it is important to make sure that the channel is secured and that the information stored on the remote server will not be compromised. This is where SSH access comes in. Its encryption system ensures that the channel is protected from hackers and other malevolent entities.

iPage Web Hosting

iPage is a leader in web hosting because of its affordable services. They offer web hosting services at inconceivably low rates, perfect for new users. Aside from this, iPage’s service is also unmatched. At a very low rate, you can get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space, unlimited email accounts, a free domain name for the first year, unlimited MySQL databases, vDeck control panel, free advertising credits, SimpleScripts installer, and a lot of add-ons. Unfortunately, iPage does not provide SSH access to its users.

If you’re not absolutely set on having SSH console access, and you are cool using FTP instead, that’s great, because…

iPage is currently on sale as well. Today you can get your iPage account for $1.99 per month instead of $9.99 per month. That’s 80% OFF the regular price!

Why iPage has no SSH access

As mentioned, iPage does not have SSH access as one of its features. It neither sells this service nor allows third party companies to provide one to their users. This is because SSH access is not really indispensable in web hosting and there are also reasons why it should not be provided in a web hosting setup. Some of these reasons are the following:

  • Protection of other users – Again, shared hosting is the common hosting plan offered by iPage where multiple hosting accounts share the same server. In this setup, a compromise or problem in the server will cause a domino effect on all the hosting accounts seated on that server. If iPage allows SSH access to a user who abuses the service or does unscrupulous acts like planting malwares or malicious codes, then all the other account owners will suffer. This is why iPage finds it more appropriate to just do away with the service to protect the interest of all its users.
  • Simple yet complete hosting service– iPage aims to provide its users a complete hosting package minus the complexities of advanced but unnecessary functions like SSH. It seeks to allow even beginners to have their own websites by giving them easy-to-use site builders and control panels. Giving them SSH controls and settings will only be a burden to their supposedly easy hosting experience. Most users do not even know the use of SSH let alone its meaning so why require them to learn all these.



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