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Picking a theme for your site is a piece of cake 🙂

There are two types of wordpress themes – free and premium.

Free WordPress Themes for your iPage Website

I used free themes for years and they have their place. In fact, maybe you’ll like to use a free theme starting out- especially if your website is a personal blog.

Premium WordPress Themes For You iPage Website

Premium themes have become very popular and can really make things easy if you want full control over the way your site looks and acts. That means you don’t have to hire a web designer or developer to get what you want. Just follow the theme’s guide and you’ll get exactly what you want.

Top 5 Best FREE Theme Collections For 2010 and Beyond:

Top 5 Premium WordPress Theme Sources

What’s your favorite theme? Leave a comment below – and don’t forget you can request training videos on how to set up specific themes (many premium themes have a very powerful options/settings system that can eliminate your need to hire a web designer and developer team. But they can have a learning curve, so I’ll make training if you need it.

Have fun!

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