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Let’s choose a platform (content management system) for your website.

By watching this training video, you’ll end up with a FREE platform so easy and powerful, anyone can use this to create an amazing website that attracts visitors and customers.

What about static website and web builders?

  • You might be forced to learn code like PHP/CSS/HTML
  • Static sites are tedious and cause difficulty in adding new content/updating content
  • Web builders generally are restrictive and have less features/flexibility.
  • Usually harder to get static sites to rank well in Google

Dynamic Platforms Like WordPress, A Brilliant CMS.

  • No need to learn code. Spend time on the fun stuff!
  • It’s FREE and frequently updated, to make it easier to use, faster, more secure and more powerful.
  • You can build any kind of site with WordPress.

…even Ecommerce sites? Yep! 🙂

Examples of what your site can look like:

WordPress + iPage for the win! 🙂

So we can see wordpress is the obvious choice to use for your site. It’s free, you can build amazing sites like those above, and iPage, it’s even easier because instead of spending 20 minutes installing/setting it up manually, you can hit a button and it’s set up!

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