Using Your New iPage Account

about iPage

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Check your email inbox for account information and order confirmation


First login screen “before you begin”

  • Set your password
  • Confirm your mother’s maiden name
  • Tell them where you heard about iPage

iPage Control Panel Overview

Key website information (this is also sent to you in an email)

iPage’s heavily customized vDeck control panel is clean, beautiful and super easy to use.

Compare that to cpanel WHM…

Let’s Get Started on iPage

iPage’s control panel contains a wealth of tools and features. I’m going to help you stay focused on getting your site up. So we’re going to use just a few of the tools iPage offers in order to get your site up TODAY.

Let’s get started. I’m sure you can’t wait to set up your site and show it off to friends. People are going to be asking you if they can pay you to put up THEIR websites cause yours looks so good. Let’s go!

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